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Dear Interwebs,

Okay okay… I suck at this blogging thing. Let’s hope the new year inspires me to post more. Here are some photos from my trip to Africa to hold you over until I finish writing my next post. (It is already started… I promise!) I will also post more photos, but these are the most accessible as they were taken on my phone. 

Photo by Phil Borges. NBD….   Can you see me?

Photo by Phil Borges. NBD….   Can you see me?


This is so cute. I want to start doing fun work like this! :)


What better time to finally start posting than during a lovely vacation. Or this could possibly be described as a working vacation. I haven’t been here long enough to make the final decision. I am spending the week at Anderson Ranch in Snowmass Village, Colorado. The scenery is lovely and there is so much to shoot. Hopefully I will be able to post something every day this week. (Pester me so I do!)

Aspen. City of many dogs and floating cotton.